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Decoding the Mother's Bond

28th - March - 2024

One-time live event

Our mother represents our first point of connection with the world. Sometimes, this connection feels disrupted by various events or traumatic experiences. Deciphering the intricate bond and relationship that exists between our mother and us serves as a gateway to unlocking our full potential.

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The connection with our mother sets the foundation to experience throughout our lives...



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Sense of Belonging

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Inner Connection


Nourishment and Support

Emotional Release

Authentic Relationships


This is a space for you if...

  • You had a difficult birth, and it seems you struggle to find your place in this world.

  • The relationship with your mother is somehow complicated.

  • As a mother yourself, you desire to strengthen the subtle connection with your children.

  • You suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • You experienced neglect in early childhood, and now it manifests as a lack of abundance.

  • You want to strengthen the energetic connection with your feminine lineage and release any attachments.

  • If your mother experienced a difficult pregnancy, you may still carry unconscious prenatal memories.

This workshop will serve as a space for reconciliation and expansion, providing an opportunity to reconnect with love in its most abundant expression.

28th - March - 2024


What we will be doing...

  • Addressing prenatal memories around the navel.

  • Bringing to completion unfinished birth patterns through movement

  • De-armoring the abdomen and releasing stagnant energy from the area.

  • Energy activation and transmission of ecstatic flow through the body.

  • Somatic Awakening of the inner fire.

  • Cutting energetic cords from the past, especially those related to the umbilical cord.

  • Releasing implicit memories that are creating physical or energy tension.

Somatic Alchemy
Somatic Alchemy
25 May 2024, 12:00 GMT+3
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