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The sessions will address deeply held tension and blockages in the physical and energy bodies, which are built as a result of unprocessed past traumas, stress or  overwhelm. Using our breath, energy work and De-armoring tools, we aim to enable the natural flow of energy through our body and restoring our nervous system capacity

The sessions are specifically designed to bring significant shifts in your consciousness. By softening any resistance that might be impeding feeling aligned, abundant, and loved. They will support the process of regulating your nervous system, gaining resilience, activating your life force and opening your body (SOMA) into an state of expansion.

Santi is the founder of the Somatic Alignment Method, which has certified over 100 facilitators across various countries. With over 7 years of experience as a trauma-informed somatic practitioner, Santi specializes in helping individuals peel away the layers of pain and armor built up from life experiences. His expertise lies in guiding people towards reconnecting with their innate healing power.

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Kundalini awakening 
Malta Healing, somatics, somatic therapy
Energetic De-armouring, dearmouring malta
Energywork malta
Kundalini bodywork


  • Regulate your nervous system, from survival to connection and safety

  • Relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue & overwhelm 

  • Resolve past traumatic experiences by releasing stuck energy  

  • Awaken your intuition and inner wisdom through life force activation 

  • Develop a deeper connection with your body through breath, movement and energy flow energy healing

  • Find clarity and answers from within, while we work towards on awakening your inner wisdom

  • Shift your vibration, change your posture and restore your natural energy flow by releasing pain and contraction from your somatic body


I’m very grateful to have had a session with Santi. His grounding presence and heart-centered awareness instantly made me feel safe. I knew I could trust in his ability to hold space rooted in integrity & this allowed me to surrender into my experience. 

During the session, I felt my entire system soften and open from a space of deep relaxation. With his trauma informed approach & experience in breathwork, it felt like my entire body exhaled into ease that remained after the session.

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If you feel called to embark on a path of service and expand your toolkit to assist clients in addressing their traumas from a somatic perspective, I encourage you to consider the Somatic Alignment Training.

Currently, Santi's schedule is fully booked until September 2024.

He will be opening spaces for private sessions again in the near future.
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