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Somatic Alchemy

25th - May - 2024

One day retreat to come back to our true essence

For the first time, 6 Somatic Alignment facilitators are coming together to create a space for expansion, aiming to delve into the true essence of our existence. Through practices such as breathwork, somatic techniques, chakra alignment visualizations, energy activations, and more, we aim to guide you in reconnecting with your unlimited potential. 


Our Team of Facilitators


Kundalini Activation


Energy Attunement Practices


Sound Healing and Breathwork

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9D Breathwork


Shamanic Practitioner


Somatic Alignment Founder


A door of transformation is opening before your eyes...

This is a doorway that will lead you to discover your essence, a pathway to your inner self where you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your body, mind, and soul.

Imagine if you can walk through this door and...

  • Feel more alive, authentic, and radiant than ever before.

  • Release the emotional imprints in your body to free the flow of energy and experience yourself at your full potential.

  • Transform your unconscious anger into your power and bliss.

  • Open yourself up to your life path even more, leaving behind isolation.

  • Awaken your intuition even more strongly by connecting with your breath and body, thus restoring your state of balance.

"This One Day Retreat will provide a sanctuary to reconnect with yourself and unlock your boundless potential, allowing you to embrace the abundance of life"

25th - May - 2024

Event Outline 

12:30 pm The Door will be open

Arrival at the venue

1:00 pm Welcoming ceremony and opening circle

Introduction and opening of the vortex

1:30 pm Somatic Chakra Activation

During this practice, we aim to build a bridge of connection between your energy centers and how they manifest in your physical body. We will activate them through conscious awareness, movement, and breathing practices to prepare for the following transformative experiences.

2:00 pm Alchemizing Anger into Bliss

Anger, the holy anger – what a powerful, fiery energy. Together, we will navigate through stagnant energy from past experiences within our bodies, severing the cords that limit our potential. We will then channel this energy into a profound transmutation, manifesting our wildest dreams.

3:00 pm Break and Snacks

3:30 pm 9D Breathwork and Energy Activation

Have you experienced the liberation that showers upon us after the past is no longer defining us? Let's fill that space with an energy flow that connects us with our higher selves. Through breathwork and the activation of our energy field, let's journey into the most profound ecstatic states.

4:30 pm Integration through Sound Healing 

It's time to center yourself within your being and core, to immerse in profound transformation. Allow the sound vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowls to guide you back to your essence, integrating the experience into your physical body.

5:00 pm Somatic Alignment Collective Healing

What could be more powerful than raising our vibration and experiencing our new selves than by contributing to collective healing? We will co-participate in a somatic alignment session and as a group, creating a vortex of transformation.

Somatic Alchemy
Somatic Alchemy
25 May 2024, 12:00 GMT+3
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