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Somatic Alignment Mentorship

Our Somatic Alignment family has been experiencing heartwarming and enriching growth over the past three years, with projections for the year 2024 indicating that we will be more than 120 facilitators in over 12 different countries.

As we continue to grow, we will refine our structure and ensure that we support all facilitators on their journey to carry this torch in the most expansive and safest way possible.

The Mentoring program is not only designed to integrate you into a more solid structure within our family but also to provide you with deeper knowledge and skills in what our practice entails.

About the Mentorship

This program is  crafted to delve into the rich depth of all the concepts encompassed by Somatic Alignment, ranging from working with the physical body to the subtle bodies and the etheric field.

The aim of this mentorship is to train a select group of individuals (limited to 6 participants) at a profound level in the practices of Somatic Alignment, thereby forming a cohort of MASTER FACILITATORS. These master facilitators will play a pivotal role in supporting various trainings, retreats, workshops in the future, while becoming the pillar alongside Santi of the Somatic Alignment family.


Additionally, they will be equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to start hosting sessions online, and as the applications for future trainings change, they will serve as the primary point of contact for prospective participants seeking to join the Somatic Alignment Family from 2025 onwards

The Mentorship program is structured to span a duration of four months, comprising a total of 16 weekly online sessions. Throughout these sessions, a diverse range of modules will be covered, incorporating both theoretical lectures and practical exercises.



  • Body and Nervous System: Correlating physical and energy

  • Explore the pelvic floor anatomy as the foundation of the medullary canal and the storehouse of stress.

  • Delve into the Alchemical anatomy of the spine and the body as manifestations of consciousne


  • Energy Anatomy

  • Meridians, tracing, and testing through acupressure points to open energy channels.

  • Chakra Activation Routines through movement and breathing protocols.


  • In-depth dearmoring protocols for each segment.

  • Exploration of Somatic Polarity.

  • Recognition of energy and postural patterns.


  • Somatic Alignment Online Sessions Structure

  • Case Studies

  • Energy Attunements
 “If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in the Somatic Alignment Method.

  • Receive theoretical reinforcement and practical guidance tailored to your sessions to continuously develop your skills.

  • Receive guidance on initiating and facilitating online sessions effectively.

  • Receive ongoing support from Santi throughout the process until you become an integral part of our community.

  • Monthly Energy Activations and somatic de-armouring Group Sessions

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  • Master Facilitators will be granted priority to assist in forthcoming trainings.

  • The first time assisting in a training will serve to deepen their understanding of the practice and bolster their confidence as space holders. Starting from their second assistance onwards, payment will be provided, subject to mutual agreement.

  • Starting from 2025, attending at least one session with a MASTER FACILITATOR will be a prerequisite for  everyone applying to the Somatic Alignment Training program.

  • Master facilitators will be selected for paid workshops and retreats held in various locations worldwide.

  • Their individual workshops and retreats will be promoted on Santi's email list for greater exposure.

  • Master Facilitators will be actively involved in shaping the overall direction of Somatic Alignment and encouraged to introduce their own initiatives, contributing to the expansion of the community while providing support to all members.


We aim to deepen the bond within our family, supporting each other in all aspects of life. The idea behind limiting the mentorship to a small group of six is to create the safest possible container, where every aspect of ourselves is embraced - the radiant, the rational, the spiritual, the emotional, the angry, the fearful... Over the course of four months, we will delve deeper into ourselves and the practice itself.


Sessions will start on the 6th of August, every Tuesday at 7:00 pm CET. Each month, we can reassess our availability and agree upon a different time or day until we complete 16 sessions together. Being a small group, logistical arrangements are more flexible, allowing us to easily reschedule sessions to accommodate our schedules if needed.

They will be conducted via Zoom and will be recorded. The recordings will be shared only if all attendees agree after each session, ensuring the safeguarding of the vulnerability and openness of those who were present.

INVESTMENT: 3500 Euros
Payment Plan: 

40% upon registration (1400 Euros)

30% before the starting date on the 6th of August (1050 Euros)

30% by the firs week of October (1050 Euros)

INVESTMENT: 3500 Euros

One Installment
3200 Euros 

Have you had the opportunity to practice since the training?

Thanks for applying! Santi will get back to you soon.

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