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Light and Shadow

 Energy body awareness workshop

Live Online  - Knowledge & Practice

Sunday, 12th May 2024

5-7pm (CET)

One-time event hosted by ELINA

There is more than your physical body. Everything in the world is made of energy, so are you.


Just look beneath what your eyes can see and you will discover a world of sensation of the subtle energies. The life force that pulsates in the trees, plants, and animals is the same life force that pulsates within us.


We cannot talk about subtle energies without examining physical body. The subtle cannot be separated from the physical, and it is within us. 


The missing piece of the puzzle lies in neglecting the health of the physical body, leading to stagnant progress and unfulfilled potential.


This workshop was conceived from a growing awareness that many seekers yearn for quick fixes to awaken their subtle energy, only to find themselves hitting a wall of frustration.


In this workshop, you'll not only receive practical tools to open your body, clear your channels, release pain and stagnation, and increase energy flow, but also gain an understanding of your Subtle Body and clear up misconceptions about Kundalini Shakti.

Light and Shadow


   Part 1 - Knowledge

  • Learn the energy anatomy;

  • How to purify the physical body;

  • What blocks your physical body;

  • Clear understanding about Kundalini Shakti and the process of developing the condition for Kundalini experience

  Part 2 - Practice

Using sacred and profound science of alignment, we will focus on removing energy           blockages, release stored emotions, and expand the energy pathways to awaken the whole     energy body through purifying the physical body. ​

   Through the practice we will use:

  • Somatic and dynamic movements;

  • Himalayan Kriya - Energy Practice;

  • Tapping;

  • Shaking;

  • Breath

Practical Information:​

​Sunday, 12th May 2024, 5-7pm (CET)

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Spaces limited

The price is 25,- euro. 

The workshop will be recorded, so you can practise on your own again. You will not be in the recording

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