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Elina is working on updating this page with more information about her purpose and offers to work with her.

Bookings for 1:1 and group sessions below.

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“Today's online session with Elina was absolutely extraordinary. Words fail to capture the sheer brilliance of the experience. I had previously held the belief that online sessions couldn't match impact of live ones, but today completely shattered that notion. Elina's ability to illuminate and inspire is truly unparalleled. Her light deserves to reach every corner of the world."

Jason Randall

"I have been receiving Kundalini activation from the wonderful Eli for just under a year now.


This energy has helped me evolve into a more complete person. It has enhanced my intuition and helped me to navigate life with more wisdom and self love.  Giving me the strength I need to face the uncomfortable and shed the layers that are holding me back from being my authentic self.


I am rather particular when it comes to doing this kind of work as I am a highly sensitive person on many levels. The energy has to feel right and with Eli, I always feel safe and supported. 


Eli has a lovely openness about her with no false pretences. I always feel comfortable in her presence. Her sessions are magical and I highly recommend her as a Kundalini facilitator. You're always in good hands with Eli! ''


“I joined Elina's Aliveness Kundalini Activation with a friend, and now I am at my third Activation. Each time I get to know myself better and connect deeper. Through this work, I liberated my inner child, learned to drop into my body and allow it to move the way it wants to move. I get rushes of creativity and inspiration and when triggers come, the energy rushes through to clear what needs to be cleared. I drop into deep surrender and my body is now a vessel for Love and Joy. Elina is so Loving and Gentle, she takes the time to explain and hold a safe container for the group. She provides encouragement and follows up after sessions. If you want to let go of your conditioned self and come back to live, I would highly recommend AKA sessions with Elina!​”

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